Translating smart metering data into valuable information 

Your partner in Energy Data Analytics

We translate smart metering data into new data-driven services to help you improve customer experience, increase business value and generate more revenue streams.
Why partner with Watt-IS

Generating value through Energy Efficiency

Access a wide range of AI-powered analytics and make them available to your energy clients through API’s (or other means of data integration) or by adopting our white-label user engagement platforms and improve the level of service provided, through a focus on energy efficiency.

Improve your costumers journey with data analytics

Provide real-time alarms based on the analysis of smart metering data that identifies unexpected consumption patterns, preventing the misusage of energy

Reduce churn rates and improve customer satisfaction

Provide enhanced products or services and achieve higher customer satisfaction that will translate into higher NPS scores and a reduction in churn rates

Generate new revenue streams by improved products and services

Apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on top of smart metering data to gain insights from your clients and support you on better targeting new products or services

OUr Services

Data Analytics tools to increase Energy Efficiency

We provide you with a whole range of Data Analytics services and solutions aimed both at the residential or services/commercial sectors that will suit your needs, whether you are a big or small energy utility.

Data analytics as a Service

Deploy Watt-IS data analytics engine through out dedicated API

 Get valuable information from our AI-powered data analytics modules and services and integrate them through API’s into your own applications or visualization tools, to deploy informed strategies with deeper insights about your clients energy consumptions.

WIS4 Households

Improve customer experience and Energy Efficiency of residential clients

Provide your clients a responsive and versatile user engagement platform, with straightforward and quantifiable tailor-made tips to help their users to be more efficient, and to increase their satisfaction with our value-added services.

WIS4 Enterprises

Advanced analytics tools to increase Energy Efficiency in your Enterprise

Provide your company or your SMEs clients a cloud-based “Virtual Energy Manager”, ideal to support multi-site companies (retail shops, restaurants, bank branches, etc.), to give you actionable insights rather than just monitoring capabilities.

OUr pRojects

Take a look at some of our projects

Over the years we have successfully worked and partnered with several energy clients, developing a diversified range of added-value solutions that are responsive and versatile 


Data analytics expertise for your company

Helping ambitious companies to promote energy efficiency and improve customer service through Data Analytics.

Empower your clients to be Energy Efficient!

Make the right choice for your company and for our planet.