Cloud-based energy monitoring and advice platform

Cloud-based energy monitoring and advice platform made available to support Usenergy’s SME energy client’s in becoming more energy efficient and reducing their energy bill. 

Our WIS4Enterprises solution aims to equip potential partners, such as energy retailers with the capacity to provide its customers with a virtual energy manager based on concepts of Artificial Intelligence and “Machine Learning” that supports them in an automated way to reduce their energy bill and help them achieve higher levels of energy efficiency.

Based on our proprietary “white-label” AI-powered SaaS platform, we have developed a fully automated approach, that enables energy retailers to provide their customers with a platform for monitoring energy consumption in all their consumption locations and provide them with targeted recommendations that allows energy retailers to improve the level of provided service and contributes towards the reduction of churn rates. Leveraging on the data collected from DSO installed smart meters our WIS4Enterprises solution allows Usenergy‘s SME clients, to get detailed and targeted measures such as the automated detection of anomalous consumptions, the identification of the best tariff plans and  contracted power, photovoltaic solar optimization solutions among other features.

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