Deco Proteste

AI-powered Virtual energy manager for households

In partnership with Deco Proteste (the main Portuguese Consumer Association), Watt-IS has launched the Poupawatt service, a virtual energy manager, that through the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helps Portuguese consumers to be more energy efficient and save on their energy bill.
Poupawatt analyzes electricity consumption collected through the electricity smart meters that are being installed by the Distribution System Operator (DSO), or through WIS-Connector, an IoT product developed by Watt-IS. 

This service incorporates several Data Analytics modules, creating a platform of tailored energy advice focused on the residential sector, that not only allows its users to know where (in which appliances) they are using electricity but also advises them with personalized energy efficiency measures, such as replacing inefficient appliances, changing the tariff or contracted power, or proposing an optimized dimensioning for a photovoltaic solar solution.

To learn more about this service, check the service website. 

WIS-connector - IoT device

Supporting the Poupawatt service and many other applications WIS-Connector is a low-cost IoT device developed in-house by Watt-ISthat connects with the smart meters installed by the DSO, to collect in (almost) real time all relevant variables on the consumption (and export) of energy in a given facility.

The WIS-Connector uses the HAN (Home Area Network) of the smart energy meter, thus accessing to all available records in the smart meter and making them available to Watt-IS cloud infrastructure, through the user’s pairing with its WiFi network and making them accessible to the user via the Poupawatt (or other) service.

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