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Smarts meters as enablers of energy efficiency

With smart metering data starting to be available to end consumers in some markets, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques enable the creation of new highly tailored energy

How photovoltaic solar panels convert sunlight into electricity

Everybody knows that solar panels convert sunlight into electricity (photovoltaic solar panels) or heat (thermal solar panels), but not everybody knows how. This conversion takes place due to the specific

Watt-IS services increases CEVE’s clients energy savings

Cooperativa Eléctrica do Vale D’Este (CEVE), a Portuguese energy cooperative, distributes power on the LV network and acts as an electricity retailer for around 9,000 customers in the North of

Consumer satisfaction of energy suppliers

With the opening of the market and the increase of energy supply companies in Portugal, we, the final consumers, have more choice in terms of service offerings. This scenario makes

Energy Efficiency Services to SMEs, “The neglected middle”

Energy efficiency is often deemed as a “resource” and a “first fuel” leading to large depletion of carbon emissions and displacing electricity from more energy-intensive supply-side resources. According to the International

Looking at the consumer side of the equation to provide greater value

Data analytics from smart metering data can offer valuable insight about consumers and their behaviours when it comes to their energy use. Using smart meter readings, analytics can interpret that

The benefits of data analytics for Energy Utilities

Beyond the most common known benefits from smart metering infrastructure like for instance the capability to eliminate estimated bills, improve outage detection, reduce costs of on-site metering, and improve the balance

8 Advantages of LEDs Comparing To Traditional Lighting Solutions

Lighting is estimated to be responsible for 2.4% of the annual energy needs worldwide. It is unquestionable that you should switch from standard bulbs to Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs

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