Remote Energy Audit

Detailed remote energy audit reports solution

Remote energy audit solution developed for Cooperativa Elétrica de Vale D’Este (CEVE), an energy utility covering 14 Portuguese rural parishes, serving a total of 9000 consumers through 90 transformation stations in medium and low voltage (MV/LV).

With an extensive analysis of smart metering data and the collection of information that characterizes the consumption dynamics of a specific household, we can provide, in a fully automated SaaS approach, a detailed remote energy audit report with quantified targeted energy efficiency measures to each specific energy client, including:

i) Load disaggregation information, down to the appliance level;
ii) Appliance substitution, detailing amount of investment needed on the acquisition of a more efficient appliance and expected payback period;
iii) Optimal energy tariff and contracted power, detailing the amount of savings to be achieved by switching energy tariff or contracted power
iv) Cross-selling opportunities for solar PV solutions.

This project has been recognized in the “Smart Energy Elites 2017/2018” publication as one of the most innovative at the European scale in the area of generating value from the application of data analytics on top of smart metering data.

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