Data Analytics ‘as a Service’

Use Watt-IS data analytics engine in a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach

Through our dedicated API, you will be able to get valuable information from multiple data analytics modules. Integrate any of our services into your own visualization tools, and deploy informed marketing strategies with deeper insights about your clients.

Anomalous Consumptions

By applying real-time data analytics on top of smart metering and other related data, Watt-IS provides a real-time alarm service through its API that identifies unexpected consumption patterns, preventing the missusage of energy (or other utilities) 

Demand Side Flexibility

By identifying the usages of the main appliances in a household  with the highest load shifting potential, Watt-IS will quantify the demand side potential (shiftable peak power or the global amount of shiftable energy) for your individual client or sets of clients

Solar PV Solutions

Increase Solar PV sales leads by making available an automated dimensioning tool, that takes into consideration each household client load profile and provides an optimal dimensioning for solar PV solutions

Tariff Optimization

By mapping the overall energy tariffs for a given market or utility, we can automatically inform household clients of the most suited energy tariff and contracted power that will help them save the most on their energy bill


Provide your energy clients with tailored energy efficiency measures that help them become more energy efficient

Improve customer experience of your residential clients by delivering a user engagement platform with historical energy consumptions, benchmarks, and disaggregated consumption information.

Straightforward and quantifiable tailor-made tips will help users to be more efficient, and their satisfaction will increase with our value-added services.

Load disaggregation

Disaggregate the most significant energy uses in your clients' households with the analysis of smart metering data

Efficiency measures

Tailor-made energy efficiency measures to clients' households through advanced data analytics on smart metering data

Peer comparison

Promote efficient behaviours in residential clients by comparing energy consumption with similar clients and more efficient households


Advanced analytics tools to increase energy efficiency in your Enterprise

With WIS4Enterprises, you are providing to your SME clients a cloud-based “Virtual Energy Manager” with benchmarking and sub-metering capabilities, self-learning alarms and energy efficiency advice, expressly designed to their load profiles.

The WIS4Enterprises is ideal to support multi-site clients (retail shops, restaurants, bank branches, etc.), providing you with actionable insights rather than just monitoring capabilities.

Adaptive alarms

Receive alerts and notifications triggered through self-adaptive algorithms that compare current energy consumption with historic consumption patterns and other exogenous variables so that you may quickly identify and act on unexpected anomalies


Get specific energy efficiency advice for multiple locations (adequate for retail chains, restaurants, clinics...) Integrate multiple energy consumption points and sensors (temperature, humidity, luminosity...) in a sub metering approach


With WIS4Enterprise, you get access to energy consumption benchmarking information by activity sector and received tailored energy efficiency recommendations to decrease your energy bill

Translating smart metering data into valuable information 
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