“SMILE – Sintra Motion & Innovation for Low Emissions” (https://www.smile-sintra.com/#/home) is a project funded by the EEA Grants Environment Program, that promotes the development of innovative technological solutions, creating a living laboratory for the mitigation of carbon emissions, in the Tabaqueira neighborhood in Sintra.
Considered a decarbonization laboratory, the Project “SMILE – Sintra Motion & Innovation for Low Emissions” aims to reduce carbon emissions at the same time that tries to fight climate change.

The project will run until June 2024 and has the contribution of Watt-IS with the implementation of its “Virtual Energy Manager”, (WIS4Households solution), that monitors the energy consumption of the participants and, by applying Artificial Intelligence and “Machine Learning” models, is able not only to inform what are the appliances they are spending the most energy on, but also to provide targeted energy efficiency advice to the inhabitants of the Tabaqueira neighborhood, to support them to reduce their energy bills and energy consumption.

is also supporting the project participants by developing an optimization tool for all energy flows within a renewable energy community that is being created in the neighborhood.

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