The AIDEN project aims to guarantee EGACs the possibility of managing one or multiple RECs, assuming the role of a flexibility services aggregator. This platform positions itself as a support tool for the EGAC in energy communities (REC or CCE) managment, based on Artificial Intelligence models and “Machine Learning” to guaranteeing all integrations from the outset with ORDbt . 

The goal of AIDEN project is to address new energy market concepts and expected future regulations (such as renewable energy communities, along with energy aggregation and flexibility services) that rely heavily on the ability to aggregate energy flows, the integration of aggregation of services, as well as the provision of auxiliary services to the network, in order to guarantee a new distribution channel and valuation of the 2nd life battery market. 

Watt-IS will be responsible for the development and integration of various data analysis modules, based on the assets it already has as a technological background and on the internal R&DT capacity built in recent years. 

The AIDEN platform will guarantee the following functionalities: 

– Management of multiple energy communities 

– Management layer for EGAC’s 

– Communication layer with Community participants with a focus on promoting energy efficiency 

– Ability to carry out active load management (HVAC, pumps, etc.) for optimal balancing of community flows; 

– Management of flexible assets to respond to constraints in the low voltage network through signals received by the ORDbt; 

– Integration with 2nd life storage systems; 

– Implementation of different sharing keys 

Watt-IS will also ensure the coordination and articulation between all the partners involved in the development of the project, having under its responsibility the transversal activity of Project Management. 

This project is funded through the EU’s PRR, a programme that is integrated into the extraordinary funding package approved by the European Commission to provide eurozone countries with instruments for economic and social recovery: NextGenerationEU. Find out more about this support program on the website

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