InterConnect ( is an EU funded project, which gathers 50 European entities from the Energy and Internet-of-Things value chain that is focused on developing and demonstrating advanced solutions for connecting and converging digital homes and buildings to guarantee a cleaner, secure and affordable electrical system, with the aim of making efficient energy management within reach of end users.

By including digital technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data) based on open standards, such as SAREF, it will guarantee the interoperability between equipment, systems and privacy/cybersecurity of user data. 

The project places the foundation for the future of smart energy management solutions by seven connected large-scale test-sites in Portugal, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and France. 

Within the Interconnect open call, Watt-IS was selected to implement its WIS4Flex data analytics solution focused on the application of AI-powered analytics to identify, quantify and forecast flexible energy resources in the Low Voltage electric grid, making it available in a Data Analytics as a Service (DAaS) approach to Flexibility Service Providers (FSP), Distribution System Operators (DSO) and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) providers.

Within the Portuguese pilot, led by E-REDES, Watt-IS will deploy its WIS4Flex solution in 3 different scenarios, namely: 

Deployed in its own cloud infra-structure through a dedicated API;

Deployed in the Interconnect service store so that it may be accessible to other stakeholders;

Deployed in E-REDES own cloud infra-structure. 

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