Data Analytics layer

Real-time estimation of optimal solar PV solutions

Data analytics layer developed to support the estimation of optimally dimensioned solar PV solutions based on the geographical location of a given rooftop coupled with smart metering data (if existent).

With our API, we can collect smart meter data or provide an easy-to-fill questionnaire regarding the household consumption dynamics to estimate the overall household energy consumption. Combining that with the rooftop area and solar radiation potential, we estimate, in real-time, the optimal solar PV solution for that specific user and quantify the required investment, savings and pay-back period.

Provide the information to your energy clients through your user engagement platform or through tailor-made reports that may be fine-tuned to your energy retailer look and feel.

Enrich the information you provide your clients by coupling with other data analytics modules (such as the optimal energy tariff module) and besides dimensioning the optimal solar PV solution also propose the optimal energy tariff considering the installation of that specific Solar PV solution.

In a nutshell, deploy a solar PV strategy for your energy clients based on an easy-to use API that can be integrated onto existing visualisation platforms, or delivered as a complete solution adapted to your image and internal processes.

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