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Consumer satisfaction of energy suppliers

With the opening of the market and the increase of energy supply companies in Portugal, we, the final consumers, have more choice in terms of service offerings. This scenario makes the new small marketers introduce marketing techniques in the hope of attracting new customers, who have been provided by the same energy companies all their lives. Thus, stabilized marketers have seen a slight decrease in the number of customers they serve, customers that are being attracted to small marketers.

With a greater supply of services, tariffs and the same quality in the supply of energy, this exodus of customers will tend to increase. And it will increase, therefore, since the client of today is more demanding. It is a digital client, who does not choose a hotel or a restaurant without first seeing the reviews on the most popular platforms. Do not go to the bank to make a bank transfer or check the balance. No, it accesses information in real time through an App. And businesses that do not turn digital are invisible.

Final consumers, have more choice

The energy sector is still far behind in the digitization race when compared to other businesses. In general, customers are more concerned about billing or service disruption. A recent study conducted in Portugal by DECO effectively demonstrates that end-users are hardly able to assign a good rating to their energy suppliers. See the complete study here.

The mistrust in the marketer is one of the top priorities of these companies, even as worrying news about fraud in the conclusion of new contracts continues, which has prompted ERSE to institute 13 lawsuits against 6 marketers since January 2017. Some strategies have emerged so improve customer transparency, such as improvements in the management of customer complaints or the introduction of prepaid (more transparent) tariffs.

The energy sector still has a very significant margin to improve the quality of its services. In addition to reducing complaints and mistrust, this sector has the potential, through advanced analysis of energy consumption data, to effectively give tools to the final consumer to be more efficient, aware and satisfied.
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